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The Re-hashed redone October 1998 Update

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Well folks i am back. Yes we had a fire in the trailor and my whole workstation was dammaged beyond repair. Half of the entire trailor was destroyed. We were suposed to get a whole brandnew trailer but Granfather (cheap basterd that he is) reffused to pay the deductoble on the insurence.

Insted we patched up the old one. It was kindof immaginative how we did it too. The trailor is like, from 1962 and we located anothor identicol one from the other side of the state that was for sale for less than $2,000 and then had it hauled to our place where we blowtorched that one apart and stuck it to the ruined part of ours. It is a perfect fit and in fact three inches longor than the old one.

I apreciate all of those who hung in there during my down time. This update you are readding right now had to be rewritton from memory, and also half of my Haloween Update was on that computer too, and I am in the process of rewriting that too from memory. At some point I will publish that also. Yes, a heretofore unpubblished Holowean Update that already is a lost classic after being missing for only one month.

Theres realy not much to say about the fire. I bet you were hoping for a suspensefully dramattic or else funny story involving Granfather, and perhaps a cigar and intestinnol gas. But it wasnt like that at all. I started the fire. It was a misteake. It was my fault. I put popcorn in the micrawave. Do you know how a pain it the ass it is to get the clear plastic wrap off it? Well i never can. I canot even chew it off so i cut it with a knife and while doing it peirced the papper bag undorneath and so like a jerk (a big jerk) i wrapped it with alunimum foil. You know what hapens when metal goes in the micrawave. The whole friggin family is mad at me, REAL mad. In fact the whole danm town is mad at me too. But there is only so many times a persen can say

I am sorry.

And I apologgize to you too, my readers. You waited so long for me to update, and this is the crappy story of a fire you end up with. It is howevor the truth. Somthin that is somtimes stratched arround here, so some peoplle say.

ONE MORE NOTE: Thanks for all the notes of encurragement. A big thanks to all those who wrote, and especialy you all in Texas, surrounding states, and Northorn Mexico as well as the Space Shuttol crew up above for putting up with the solid residuol two-week-long stink generated by Granfather's mattress being burnt while our trailor was on fire. Also my OUTGOING E-mail is still screuwed up: Hotmail wont reckongize my ISP, or some such crap. Probly Bill Gates, who know owns Hotmail is messin arround with it out of jealousey of me. OK that was meanspiritted, i realy didnt mean that.

* * *

And now for the Update

Right now i am sitin at my desk in my cubicle at work wearring a jacket and tie which is somthing that I never, ever do unless I am on a job interveiw or somthing, which right now I am not.

In fact since the ninth grade i have owned onley one tie (and this is it), and, because I do not know how to tie a tie (becuase its so rare that I wear one), it allways stays tied in its knotted posittion and looped arround the lampshade in my room. Yes this is somthing I never do.

Also, there is somthin else I did recently that I never, ever do, and that is


I did not realy speak up out loud, but in the form of an e-mail, a criticol, contraversial email that was sent out to a whole LOT of people: Allmost everyone who works here at Cyberblop, (which is not the real name of the company I work for, but just a name I call it here in my homepage), and also c.c'ed on this controvercial email was othor people I work with thruoghout Corporate, both on-site here and in other locations; (Corporate being the company that owns Cyberblop, becuase Cyberblop is really a spin-off from Corporate).

What prompted this controverciol E-mail

Like most people in this world I get tons of email at work and one of them that everyone in the company got the other day was one that said that we, Cyberblop, (as a company) appear to not be meeting our targeted budgetery objectives for the 3rd Qourter. And so the owner of the company (Corporate) was seriousley thinking of pullin the plug on us.

And so I sent out this note. Peoplle keep passin by my cubicol and I hear them whisperring: "That's the guy--the guy in the jackat and tie -- he is the one who sent out that note.

There is a reason why i did it too. No, I did not sudenly become a more responsible, harder working worker. I am doing this out of covoring my ass.

Yes, a giant Re-Org is Coming

You see, clickthruoghs are down, and costs are up. Heads are goingto roll. Chairs will be left cold as asses are thrown out the door. And you see, also, I am smart enuogh to know that protecting myself is the highest prioritty. The reason why I complained is that Cyberblop is one of these companies that woud much rather fire a happy hard worker than a lazy complainor. A lazy complainor is more likely to stir up trouble, than someone who leaves in peace. I have been thruogh this too many times to know how to work the systom. Also I read in a histery book once somthin that Harry S. Trumen said to his staff when they demanded that he fire Jay Egdar Hoover: "No i will not fire him. I woud much rather have him inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in."

Why i am wearin a jacket and tie

...and why i took a two hour lunch today, starting at 9:45 AM, without giving an ecxuse: I want them to think I am interveiwing for anothor job.

As long as they think that i am looking for anothor job, then they will not waste there time firing me. Its allways a pain in the ass to fire people what with the paperwork and severrence pay. Like I said I know what I am doing here.

I will write more abbout my job, and the fire in the trailor, but first, picking up from my last update:

How things ended up on my Eastcoast trip.

So many things hapenned. On the day aftor we cleared things up with Granfather at the Nework New Jersy Airport, we all agreed that we had to meet for counselling once we got back to Texas.

This proposed counsilling session woud actualy be the start of a long process of clearin up allot of awful family problems. From a legel standpoint, these problems includded the ilegal transportation of the basterd for pottential euthonasia in Hollend. It also involved the basterd's ripping off and defrauddment of his brothers, Uncle Zeke and Uncle Williem. They too will be involved in the prosess and this involves them stayin in Texas for a while for intensive family councilling sessions to iron it all out.

Before i left--2 days in Newyork.

See this little box down here? Dont worrey it dosent mean or do anything.