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These are in revverse order so i think you got to start from the bottom up if you want to read them crhonnologicly.

  • 1996 Christmas Extra Update: Granfathers top 10 Gift Wish list
  • Decembor 96 Update-- report from Comdex
  • We have a Projection! See the Post-1996 Ellection update
  • Novembor 96 update A loose beast in New York
  • Mid-Octobor SPECIAL UPDATE: Inproving Health, Declining Hopes
  • October 96 Update: Geuss what washes ashore?
  • Mid-September '96 POLITICOL UPDATE
    A hairy TIME in our Setpember 96 update
  • Due to poppular demand heres a August 96 Update Suplement
  • Its some odd notes and features--but whats not odd around here?
  • Augost 96 Update Hes Ba-a-a-ack!

    Plus at the end theres a OLYMPIC SPECIEL
  • July 1996 Update Is He Nuts?
  • Oh you WONT bellive what hes 'cracked' up to doing NOW.

  • June 1996 update--Granfather's Trip To Sears
  • May 1996 update: Things were getting better? Think again. See how the old basterd almost got himself killed
  • April 1996 Update: Confrontaton and Intervention

  • What hapens when a whole famlly pulls togethor to confront one member? See how last years 'family summit meeting' went.
  • March 1996 Update: Things improve!

    Could sheilds of hatred be falling between generations? Find out and read the first StarTrek: The Next Gennoration colabboration
  • Febuary 1996 Update: Yes he IS that bad

    A physicol and mental evalaution of the combination circus specimen/medical anomaly I take care of
  • Janaury 1996 Update: Many thanks-A Star is born

    Twain, Foulkner, Stienbeck, Keruouac, Copeland, and now--Walter Miller.
  • And from way back in Decembor 1995: The now leggendery Season's Beatings

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