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My Mid-Octobor Update First on Geociteis Update

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Well here i am on Geocities folks.

Like i said, moving my website was a giant job that is still continiuing as I write. I tried to write a program that woud automaticly change the hyporlinks in each source file but it didnt work. (I am a lousy programmor). So, I had to change each file BY HAND and there are hundrets of them.

Also for some reason Geocites craps out (freezes my machene!!) after i post only 5 or 6 files. It is not Geocites fault, it's a Micrasoft Internet Exploror problem, because Microsoft I.E. is the browsor they use at the office I work in.

Howevor, on the othor hand, (suprise, suprise) The Prodigy Classic browser is lean and mean and lets me post dozons of files to Geocites with NO PROBLEM.

My last parting words to Prodigy:

Please DONT get rid of your Classic product. OK, its butt ugly. But it loads fast & that is Rule One ofthe Internet. Most inportantley a million users (Duh! Customers!) love it. Take a lessen from Coke: You CAN offor both "Classic" and "Diet" at the same time. (And if you ever offored Microsoft's browser, you coud offer "Classic" and "FAT ASS".)

Also: This is important:

Someone wrote to me asking what woud happen to my old URL and my old e-mail adress from Prodigy. I tell you i do not know. For a long time there's been people inpersonating me, in chatrooms, e-mails, and even press interveiws, which i geuss can be expected. Ive alwayes said, and woud like to repeat as a disclaimer:

  • I never give tellephone (voice) interveiws
  • All of my chat appearences are confirmed befforehand by e-mail
  • Other than job-rellated buletin boards, i simply never post on bulletin boards.
  • If i have to use newsgroups, I use Granfather's ID incognito, (and no one knows HIS name ecxept the US Goverment, and the zoo)

  • Theirfore, as of October 16, 1997, this URL you are on now, My Netly News stuff, and my email adress of: is the true, only and real Walter Miller. (Well, as real as someone like me can evor hope to be)

    Why /9179?

    Many have asked abbout the signifocence of my new URL. If your familior with Geocities they give you these Directories to choose from, like /Heartland and /Prairie (Be carefull--If your like me, you alwayys spell 'prairie' wrong). Also you have to have a 4 digot number in your URL and 9179 was the last one left undor Heartland/Prairie.

    About downloads

    To all my readers: I am running my browsor off the system at work. I am not alowwed to get files that you have to download. If you send them I have to trash them un-downloaded. Thanks for undorstanding. If theres a picture or somthing you want me to see, post it on the web.

    One more small change...

    Ive decided to legaly change my midle name to "_" which is pronuonced 'underscore'. It refflects my new e-mail address of
    The State of Texas is being a pain in the ass abbout letting me use the _underscore_ on oficial documents, so I will also accept Walter Underscore Miller (or Walter U. Miller) as correct. I never liked my orriginal double middle name of 'v.i.' becuase peopple kept saying it stood for 'Very Insecure' or 'Village Idiot.' It turns out my birth certiffocate never had any middle name on it at all. It was all a lifelong lie of GRANFATHER to hurt my feelings and make fun of me in order to satisfie his evil saddistic needs.

    OK. Enuogh of these danm boring-ass administrattive anouncments. I feel like i am in a one hour meeting at work where they yammor on for two hours about the inportence of not leaving food on your desk overnihgt.

    And Now for the Mid Octobor Update:

    The big news is that Granfather has been freed from being trapped in that closed up couch. Also, his old hag girlfreind was aparently spotted down in the vincinity of Nuevo Larredo, this acording to Jose G., one of my readers in Mexico. Aparatly, she alleged to of shoplifted a pentium laptop from an ellectronics store by audaciousley placing the stolon booty up undor her spacious roomy sun dress, then holding the machene tightley secure between her commodiously ample huge dimply thighs, and trying to waddle out the door unnoticed by the securitty guards. Acording to the story, when the old bag was wrestled to the ground, and the laptop emerged from between the vollumnuous waffly thighs, she looked up at the arresting officers and small crowd which gathored and proclaimed in Spanish "esta milagro" which means: "ITS A MIRACLE!"

    Here in the Unitad States, that informattion was passed along to those who need to know. Mabye this misorable woman will be the next person to be "caged." We will see.

    Also, the tension at my job is simmoring down

    Lets just say I had to make some "creattive concesions." I will discuss those concessions in a bit. But the bottom line is, if i can get thruogh December 1st with no more screw ups then i will be oficially taken OFF probbation.

    Plus i am back in therapy to deal with my problems
    My latest broplem is a big ego. Yes peculior, isnt it. Pridefulness sounds like the oposite of having a poorselfimage (my main problem). Howevor, they are linked: Poor selfesteem is realy no more than a preoccupattion with ones SELF. I exagerate my sense of self inportance to make up for what i percieve as lack of signifficance. It is called 'Over Validation.' I am dealing with it.

    I am also dealing with my dad.
    Dad is pissed cause he has to pay the health insurrence deductible becuase i re-started the therappy under a new employor.

    And abbout my othor patriarch: While the price to society, the globol enviroment and the generol well-being to the human race is incalculobly high, Granfather personally is


    The ironey here is that while the old bastord is freed i am the one whose more inprisoned thanks to his increased mobillity. What hapenned that really pushed me to get him cut out of there was that we had a teribble storm and Granfather was out in the yard and got struck by lightning. A rotton odor of charred skin and a burnt meat smell permeatted our slattornly sprawling compound.

    He is one of these people who gets struck by lightneing allot. You have read about people like this in books. It is a mysterry why. But with all the metol atacched to him it even made it worse.

    A trip to the Auto Garrage