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May 1996 Update

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Are Things still improuving? I dont think so

The crappey life of Walter Miller contineues unabbated. In one of my recent home page updates I mentoined that things were inproving. Im sorry to say that they are now getting worse. There are 2 major problems now giong on in my life. They concern my rommantic life and also (you geussed it) problems with my mean abbusive old grandfather, of who I am the primarry caregiver--and ass wiper.

Many kind souls have written to give me advice: Leave him, move out, call the authoroties, or maybe a get councilling. As you know ive been in therappy--but I have a new counsellor since my last update. The other one resigned. More about that later.

One reson why I take care of Granfather is part of a deal made to avoid punishment for monetary oblogations. Much of the money, (but not all of what I owe), I owe to guess who? Yup, the old mutant.

Ah, we hear more of the storey!

Yes, other than watching Star Trek and the X-files together, I dont get along with granfather, an he doesnt get along with me--I geuss you can call it a "hate-hate" relattionship. But having said that, I woud like to publicolly apollogize for not telling the whole story: Part of my currant problems stem from when I stole money belonging to my granfather, for the pourpose of funding a self-destrouctive lifestyle. Yes its true. It was not drug rellated, but i spent money on entertaiment, freinds, and matterial things which have all ben repossesed.

Ive been airing allot of bad things about my grangfather on the Web, but not admited my OWN wrongdoing. Not coming clean has augmented my feelings of wourthlessness, and made worse my poor selfimage problem. Its time I set things straight, and do it publicly:

Granfather: I'm sorry for wronging you in this way. You are a misseroble, abusive old basterd, and everything Ive said about you on this web site is true. However, I shoud admit that I am indebbted to YOU, as well as other fammily members. Thanks for working out this deal with me, along with the courts. I will pay you back, someday I promise.

My therapist told me that if it is indeed my decission to put this on the web, that I should show granfather the page--and understand that reguardless of his response to it--Be it good, bad or indifforent, that I should acept it, as it is part of my therapeutic well-being. Well, I did show it to him after he ate brekfast, and he laughed his head off so bad that farina was comin out of his nose. Boy he made fun of me and said "I'm paying the piper by being his asswipper."

Then he called this woman on the phone to tell her, and she lauaghed her ass off too. Yes, granfather has a "Main Squeeze"--I woudnt call her a girlfreind, (becuase Ive seen the entrys in the checkbook). But she does come over for 2 hours once a week as a "vollunteer home care specailist", and BELEIVE ME, Im sure to be the HELL AWAY from our property during that time. The noises that come from inside is like the scene in Jourassic Park when they fed the bull to the T-rex. Once they friggin' knocked the trailor off the cinder blocks. We had to call a contractor with a hieydraullic jack to lift it up an put the blocks back under it. The womman is an ugly old Hoe about 50 and looks like the Unabombor in drag.

Eastor Suprise: That 'bunny' ain't chocollate