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July 96 Update

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Discord threatens our happy home

Ive had a terrible fight with my granfather an he is not speaking to me. Just as well because i am not speaking to him neither.

Lately there's been allot of things that cause us to get on each others nerves. A main stickling point is that I got a job offer in Houston which woud mean that I have to leave him. The money is good but he insists he needs a home care specialist to take care of him--and that if I left him he woud charge me back for private home care against my salary.(I owe granfather money and he sort of has me by the short curley ones, if you know what I mean.)

Oportunnity Lost

He threatonned to take me to court and demand all of the money in full if I do not stay there. I told my stuepid grandfather that I woud be makking more money and could pay him off faster. I begged the company in Houston to let me consider telecommuting but they said NO. I held them off until they finally gave the job to somone else. Just as well becuase i heard grandfather on the phone with his disgousting girlfreind and he told her that if i left to go to Huoston or anywhere he woud follow me there and move in. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THE OLD BASTORD NEEDS TO KEEP ME TRAPPED TO SATISFY HIS EVIL NEEDS OF ABBUSE AND DOMANATION.

Relatiation by Chemocal warfare

To get back at me for even considering leaving him, he annuonced he woud now start eating more brocolli. He doesnt even like brocolli but he knows the results. When he craps after eating it you can hear the glue from the shelf paper on the walls crinkle. Then it peels off. His crapping is this incredoble flourresent color thats like the bright green on the Wired magazine cover. Our nearest nieghbor lives 500 yards away and she raises exottic birds. Shes downwind from our cesspool and it has killed some of her birds. The smell also kills the flies near the cespool its that bad. I NEED TO START MAKKING MORE MONEY. THE WALTER MILLER HOME PAGE NEEDS A SPONSORSHIP OR BUYOR. PLAESE HELP.

Get your own friggin system

There are other problems too. I didnt want him using my computer anymore. He gets tobacco juice and phlemm on it, plus wirey hairs, boogers and snot. Hes a repulsive oozing monster. Also, for months Granfather kept screamin that he wanted to get his own computer. So I told him to give me some money and I would get him one. So I got him an old machine. This way he woud stay off of MY machine. Mostly he uses it to get on Progidy to search for colectibbles and also to play games. Plus it has a 2X CD drive and he has a few filthey CDs from Japan he looks at on it. Yes, Granfather has discouvered those riddiculous pourno anime cartoons--and boy does he like the, For the first time in his life he no longer says mean things about the Jappanese.

Granfather's PC is one of the first pentuims they ever made and it is quite old and in crappey condition. Also the monitor bends the screen to an hourglass shape but what the hell it works. He told me not to spend more than $500. I got it for $400 and fixed it up for him.

Big mistake

Well it was a BIG MISTEAK becuase the more he played around with his computer the more he learned how they work. Then he woud sneak on MY computer when I wasnt around, because mine is much more faster. Also he has windows 3.1 on his and I have Windows 95.


First he was amazed how much better Wolfenstien runs on my Gateway. As a game, Wolfonstein is kind of lame by todays standards--(I just downloaded QUAKE...OH crap!) But granfather likes Wolf3D. I even got him the registered version. He especialy likes the noises the krauts make when you ice them. The big blue SS guys say "Gustappo" and then when you kill them they cry out "My Laybin!" which means MY Life in German. The guys in the white unniform cry out HEINZ STROEBEL when you kill them. We don't know what it means. (If anyone knows what 'Heinz Stroebel' means plase write to me). He loves the game and screams out MY LABAN all the time now even in public. Of cuorse, it has effected his life--around the supper table granfather can rambel on for hours about how Hitler started out good and that he just had bad people around him. It makes me sick.

CONTINUED: What a dope!!!