Beginning in 1995 and for the next six years the hands-down funniest website on the entire nascent "world wide web" was Walter Miller's Homepage. You either read it and remember it or you didn't and don't. A serial with periodic updates, it was one of the earliest viral internet sensations and still the funniest damn thing I've ever read. However, whoever created this literary masterpiece stopped updating it in the fall of 2001, unfinished. Just stopped, no one knows why. For a few years it languished on Geocities (?), then it was archived by a few old fans, then it became difficult to find at all. A few pages here, an update or two there, but good luck finding it in its full, original form. Well, that has changed. I found the entire site on an old floppy disc I downloaded it onto as an experiment in early 2002, the full thing, as far as I can tell the only extant copy of it anywhere.

And here it is with no alterations, edits or corrections, in all its hilarious glory. The only change I made was going into the html code and deleting some old Geocities noise, some banner links, extraneous stuff like that, but the actual text is exactly as it was originally posted (I changed the big announcement link on the first page to return to this one, someone else has that URL now). Links, font and font size, and of course spelling, everything is as it originally. If you find any broken links leading to missing pages, please contact me at maybeyeah (at) yahoo (dot) com so I can correct it. Thank you in advance.

With that, it is with great pleasure that I present…


Walter Miller’s Homepage